Specialist For Surgery

Interventional Pain Therapy

The Revolutionary PASHA Electrodes ®

Equipment for epidural dorsal horn stimulation
Surgical gown    (1)  
Surgical gloves   (2)
Drape (fenestrated and adhesive 120x150cm 5x8cm)   (3)
Camera drape 2,5m    (4)
Indifferent electrode   (5)
2x Syringe 10ml   (6+11)
Local anesthetic solution 5-10 ml  (7)
Needle 20G 7cm  (8)
Needle 21G 4cm  (10)
NaCl 5 ml   (11)
Epidural needle 14G  10cm (ANS)   (12)
Scalpel Nr.11    (13)
Multifunctional electrode (PASHA-electrode)  Stimulation device   (14)
Sponges    (15) 

Demo Videos

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